Multi-Camera Productions




As you all know Covid-19 had stopped all performances and shows, however they are slowly beginning to start again but please do stay safe.



DVD Orders

The shows can be purchased through the schools and organizations that we work for. Most schools have a representative who will take your orders and pass them onto use. We also hand out order forms on the day of recording.



The Creation of
S.V.S. Ltd.

Scarborough Video Services was set up to film shows and plays for the people who are involved in them, so they could have a record of what they had done.


To this end though it is run as a business and we work to the highest possible standards, all the staff are volunteers and nobody takes payment for their time. Any profit is reinvested to improve the quality of what we do.




This has over the years lead to a large investment in equipment. Starting with industrial U-Matic VCR's, which have been replaced with the latest in digital computers. State of the art sound system to give the best possible sound reproduction.


We have also now moved into producing our output not just on stereo video but also high quality DVD's, so the output can be viewed with near broadcast quality. The latest investments are new DVD duplication equipment, a state of the art broadcast quality vision mixer, along with broadcast cameras.




If you think you might be interested in doing this kind of production work as a volunteer, then don't hesitate to contact us. We are always on the lookout for new talented crew members. So don't just sit there, pick-up the phone or send that essential e-mail, see you soon.


Contact our Co-ordinator
Kevin Jervis and leave a message on 07519 620 225 thank you.


East Yorkshire annual shows. These require not only complex real time vision mixing but also post production editing to produce for the many acts accurate recordings of their performances, without the boring but very necessary hours of setting up between the acts.



The type of projects covered has included live links for conferences, big screens at concerts along with recording the local dance school annual shows.


One of the largest ever projects under taken in recent years has been the recording of the Shadows Guitar Club