Picture: Tape & DVD cases


The format is:
(Video) PAL 720 x 576; 25fps; (Audio) 48 kHz; Stereo;


These shows can span two or more DVD's. The quality on the DVD is that much better than a tape and also has a scene index for quick access. We also sometimes add extra footage to a DVD.


Archive material from the past was never possible and the only way was to over produce the number of copies needed for that production. Since the introduction of DVD's, this has now all changed and our archive is from 2004
(Show 223).

Marketing Sales

DVD's are sold to our clients through their companies and schools for their members and students.


The prices of each DVD are not deter'mined by the length of the venue but by the show.


The prices are as follows:


Shows recorded at the YMCA in Scarborough £12.50.


Shows recorded elsewhere £13.50.

Postage and packing is free.